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Definition from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma's Curriculum on Dante Marioni:  

Reticello: (glass) The Italian name for crisscrossed glass canework. Glass canes are heated, twisted in one direction, and blown into the form of a cup. The cup is set into an oven. Then, a second cup is made in the same fashion, however the glass cane is twisted in the opposite direction. The second cup is blown into the inside of the first cup. As the two cups come together, the grooves between the cane rods are sealed, causing air bubbles to lock into the crisscrossed pattern. The connected cups are then blown and formed into the final shape. 

CMoG Glass Glossary

Vetro a reticello (Italian, glass with a small network") 
A type of blown glass made with canes laid in a crisscross pattern to form a fine net, which may contain tiny air traps.

You can find a brief history of the technique on Life of Italy's A History of Murano Glass. Artful Home features pieces of Reticello glass for sale. Some contemporary artists using this technique are Kenny PieperDante MarioniFlo Perkins, and the Vetreria  d'Este  Pacifico company in Italy. Jeff Lindsay of Cutting Edge Products has a webpage demonstrating the technique. Additionally, a bibliography of information is attached below. Embedded below is a video of Bill Gudenrath demonstrating the technique. 

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