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Thank you for your question! Papers related to Louis Comfort Tiffany and his firms are scattered, so a number of libraries and collectors hold primary source materials. The collection at the Rakow Research Library at the Corning Museum of Glass includes a number of documents and drawings related to Tiffany Studios, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co., and Tiffany Furnaces (Corona, NY). Documents highlighting some of these materials are attached. (Note: People interested in Tiffany & Co. archives, should visit the company's Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.)

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, in Winter Park, Florida, is a rich source of Tiffany materials. From the Morse website: "The Museum’s Tiffany collection is additionally well supported by unique historical artifacts and archival material that shed light on Louis Comfort Tiffany, the man, his art, and his times. These materials include Tiffany’s personal memorabilia, letters, designs, plans, photographs, early experiments, business documents, ephemera, and architectural fragments from Laurelton Hall and Tiffany’s various homes in New York City." Read more about their Tiffany collection here.

In addition to Tiffany-related documents, photographs, prints, drawings, and ephemera held in the Rakow Research Library's collection, the attached guide to documents and archival collections also includes a non-comprehensive list of other institutions, including the Morse Museum, that hold similar kinds of Tiffany materials.

If you search the Rakow Library Catalog and Article Index (start here), you may find other books and articles about Tiffany that can make you aware through their citations of additional archival materials and where they are held. To aid in your research, a list of the Tiffany-related bibliographies available from the Rakow also is attached. We would be happy to make any of them available to you. A search of ArchiveGrid could yield additional items of interest and the locations in which they are held. 

You are welcome to come to Corning and use the resources of the Rakow Research Library. We encourage you to call ahead to let us know when you plan to arrive/visit and remind us of your area of interest. While an appointment is not required for use of the library (except for access to archives and special collections on weekends), it will help us to be better prepared to meet your research needs and to have preliminary materials ready upon your arrival. 

If you wish to borrow copies of library items, please contact your local library. The Rakow Research Library will lend designated books from its collection and will send copies of articles requested by other libraries. Your library can request items through the OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system or by direct request through email at For more information, please see our ILL website. Only original Tiffany material that has been digitized or filmed would be eligible for ILL.

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