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The art of glassmaking1751-1772; a portfolio of prints from                    
Diderot encyclopedia, Denis Diderot, 1960-1970? CMGL 67353                  

Yes, wood was used in ancient glass furnaces. 

Mark Taylor and David Hill's website, The Glassmakers,

provides information on using creating ancient glass furnaces. Their Roman Furnace Project
from 2
005 and 2006 featured a wood-fired glassworking furnace. Their website includes information about history and techniques, along with their other projects. Two articles on their project were also featured in the Journal of Glass Studies in 2008 - Experiments in the Reconstruction of Roman Wood-Fired Glassworking Furnaces by
Hill and Taylor and another by Sarah Paynter on Waste Products and Their Formation Process. You may also be interested in the digital version of The Art of Glassmaking, 1751-1772; a portfolio of prints from the Diderot Encyclopedia by Denis Diderot, which depicts glassworkers using wooden furnaces. In 2012, the Equinox Gaffers documented their visit to the Glass Furnace in Istanbul, Turkey and their chance to see a working wood-burning furnace in a CMoG blog post

I have also attached some bibliographies of resources on ancient Roman and ancient Egyptian glass, as well as resources on furnace history and early glass making furnaces.