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In March 23, 2006, Brad did a photo feature on the old library in The Circulator, using images from the Southeast Steuben County Library's "Local History Collection."

The library has additional resources about the building and its history. 

Try contacting Tom Dimitroff regarding the window by Frederick Carder. As I recall, it is owned by the city and is currently in storage. The last I knew, there was a local committee that was trying to determine what should be done with it. One proposal was to show it in Corning's City Hall. 

The window is featured in Dimitroff's book, pp. 98-100: 

Dimitroff, Thomas P. Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass: American Classics. Thomas P. Dimitroff ; with essays by Charles R. Hajdamach and Jane Shadel Spillman ; contributions by Robert F. Rockwell III. Atglen, PA : Schiffer Pub., c1998. 333 p. 
(we have copies -- so does the public library) 

There is information about Carder's son, who died in WWI, in the Rakow Research Library's Carder Archives, including Cyril's school books and drawings; notices of his death; etc. There may be something about the window as well. 

Brad adds: 
"Call the reference desk at 936-3713 ext 502 or visit for information about their Local History Collection. They have the brochure that was published during fundraising for the building renovation and some additional photos. 

I’m not sure whether they have much else on the Carder piece, but possibly so. Matt Hogan may know offhand. 

Marcia Stewart has some anecdotal info about the building use before it was converted into the War Memorial Library … it was a club, damaged by fire, I think." [Dimitroff's book shows illustrations of the "Corning City Club" - the original use for the building] 

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help find additional information. 


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