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CMoG Education Department help with your question: 

"Sure! We have lots of ideas. One of my favorite things to do is to teach students about how we learn about cultures by looking at glass. 
Sometimes we even put small pieces or even pictures into sand and let them "excavate" the glass. We talk about the iridescence often found on ancient glass and ask them to speculate how that got there and why. 
Sometimes we even talk about prisms and rainbows so they can really understand how that iridescent color is created. 

Another fun thing is to talk about the importance of glass for mummies! 
We talk about glass amulets being used in mummification (wrapped in between the layers) to help send a body into the afterlife. Also the use of glass in canopic jars. 

Important things for kids to know about Egyptian glass? It was used for weights and measures, as a form of $ for trading, and was often owned by the wealthy since it was still quite rare and expensive.By doing some experiments and really studying the glass, you can learn quite a bit about a culture. 

I hope this was helpful!" 

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