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I am sending our resource list for photographic images on glass. 

This book has the most comprehensive account: 

Petrie, Kevin. Glass and print. London : A & C Black ; Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006. 128 p. (Glass handbooks) 
Direct screenprinting, p.42-57; screenprinted transfers, pp. 58-68; integrated glass prints, pp. 74-78; printing from an etching plate onto glass, pp. 79-83; resists for sandblasting, pp. 84-95; resists for etching glass, pp. 96-103; photography and glass, pp. 104-109; digital and laser prints, pp. 110-112; ‘vitreography’ – printing from glass onto paper, pp. 113-117. Chapters 1-3 provide introductory/preparatory material. < 

This one is also useful: 

Wade, Kent E. Alternative Photographic Processes: A Resource Manual for the Artist, Photographer, Craftsperson. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Morgan & Morgan, 1978. "Photopresentation on Glass," pp. 37-52. 

There are other techniques being developed and our list includes some of them. (Some may be proprietary). 

Denise Stillwaggon Leone teaches some techniques based on photography at the Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass. 

Gaffer Glass, for example, offers a photosensitive glass: 

The Society for Glass and Ceramic Decorators is a professional group that deals with images on glass. If you plan to make multiples, you may wish to contact them: 

A popular means of recreating a landscape/sunset image in glass is using layers of fused glass powders. If that is of interest, I'll be glad to send about the technique to you. 

Of course, there are traditional means of capturing an image on glass: painting on glass, stained glass, mosaics, enameling, engraving, etc. 

If you wish to obtain copies of library items, please contact your local library. The Rakow Research Library is a member of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Your library can contact us through OCLC online or via email. We send copies of articles and will also loan books if a second copy is available in the library collection. 

Please let me know if I can answer other questions.



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