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Here is the recipe from Henry Halem's book: 

"American Jack Wax/Milton Mud 
This is the original formula used by the glassblowers at the Blenko Glass Factory in Milton, WV. Joel Phillip Myers shared this formula with us many years ago. It is much better than beeswax alone; that is, it hangs onto your jacks a lot longer. The original name for this wax was ‘Milton Mud.’ It is a pain to get the wood charcoal into the mixture. Be patient and keep stirring. 
2 ½ - 3 ½ lbs. Beeswax 
1 lb. Wood Charcoal, you MUST use wood charcoal 
3 level teaspoons Rosen; this is the same stuff used on violin bows 
3 sticks Pink Bubble Gum. Yes, that’s right, bubble gum. Fleer’s double bubble works best 
Heat the whole mess up; stir until all the wood charcoal mixes in 
Although it’s not called for, you may wish to add some carnauba wax. Pour into small paper cups.” 

FROM: Halem, Henry. Glass Notes: a Reference for the Glass Artist. 3rd ed. Kent, OH: Franklin Mills Press, 1996, p. 92.





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