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CMoG 93.3.73-24. Blaschka Glass Eye CMoG 93.3.73. Blaschka Glass Eye Box
Images: CMoG 93.3.73. 107 Glass Eyes with Box. CMoG 93.3.73-24. Glass Eye, Leopold Blaschka, possibly Bohemia, probably Germany, possibly 1859-1887.

Hello! Thank you for your question! We do have materials about the Blaschkas and their production of glass eyes.

YouTube Video

We have a short video available on the CMoG YouTube channel, "Blaschka Eyes," that you might be interested in.

Additional Online Resources

We also have two items in the Rakow Library collection that have been digitized. You can access them by following the links below:

  • Blaschka, Leopold. Leop. Blaschka 1849 aus Böhmischaicha. 1849. Small handwritten notebook, probably the earliest item in the Blaschka archives. Includes notes on Galvannismus, Versilberung (recipes for using gold and silver); drawings, perhaps of glass eyes and, on the same page, presumably a list of colors for glass eyes.

  • Blaschka, Leopold. Notizbüchel für 1869-1870. Small blue notebook containing business records organized by month. This may be an order book or a listing of orders shipped. Includes orders for glass eyes (Augen) for animals (Thieraugen) and probably for people. Includes orders for tubes (Lymphröfner).

Additional Library Resources

A third item is not (yet) available digitally, but you can view the Library catalog record by following the link below:

The Library has some additional items on artificial eyes in general that might be of interest (with links to catalog records):

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