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Advertising poster for glass eyes, Queen & Co.                   
Philadelphia, PA. 1891. CMGL 72685.                       
Advertising poster for glass eyes

We do have materials about the Blashkas and their production of glass eyes. We have a short video available on YouTube on the Blaschka Eyes. Additionally, I attached a bibliography for "glass eyes" including the Blaschka documents. These are some additional materials I found in our online catalog: 

  • Leop Blashcka 1849 aus Bohmischaicha by Leopold Blaschka in 1849: Small handwritten notebook, probably the earliest item in the Blaschka archives. Includes notes on Galvannismus, Versilberung (recipes for using gold and silver); drawings, perhaps of glass eyes and, on the same page, presumably a list of colors for glass eyes. 
  • Notizbuchel fur 1869-1870 by Leopold Blaschka from 1869-1870. Small blue notebook containing business records organized by month. This may be an order book or a listing of orders shipped. Includes orders for glass eyes (Augen) for animals (Thieraugen) and probably for people. Includes orders for tubes (Lymphröfner).
  • [Thank you and public recognition to Dr. Ed. Wengler and glass artist Blaschka] by C. E. Beyer and A. Th. Beyer in 1872.Newspaper clipping from an unknown German newspaper. Testimonial about the glass eyes made by Blaschka and used by Dr. Wengler of Dresden for the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beyer.

These are also some additional items on glass eye production in general: