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The term is still kind of new so searching "post-glass" will probably not elicit many results. I found "glass secessionism" and "21st century glass" were also used interchangeably with post-glass. You might also see people talking about the "future of glass art" and glass and art theory.  Looking for artists who incorporate video or create conceptual art will be the most fruitful direction. Tim Tate is one of the artists talking most about this movement, so look at interviews with him, his website, facebook page, etc. He uses the term glass secessionism, but mentions in some interviews that the "new term" post-glass could be used as well.  According to Tate post glass references a show at the Studio Museum in Harlem described as "post-black" and featured a new generation of African American artists who don't want to be defined as 'black artists" but yet who recognize that their art is bound up in their personal experiences, etc. That's over-simplified but you get the idea!

Some of the artists who define themselves as "post-glass" include Yuka Otani and Anjali Srinivasan, who have a blog called "howisthisglass" (  Also, see Helen Lee and Matt Szosz.  Looking at the Heller Gallery website may give you other ideas.  Heller apparently tends to embrace more concept-driven art.

Here are two articles you might want to see:

Reflection: A new generation of artists seeks to broaden what it sees as overly narrow parameters for

glass art. Author: Duggan, Grace Publication info: GLASS: the UrbanGlass Art Quarterly 122 (Spring 2011): 48.

   Zimmer, Jeff. Glass Secessionism. Scottish Glass Society Newsletter. no 12 (Spring 2012 pp. 4-5 ill)

Finally, search our online catalog and article index ( for information on video installations or conceptual art and glass.  You will find other artists in this way.  Looking at New Glass Review is a great way as well to generate other names.

Let me know if you need further suggestions!



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