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I worked with Ms. Spillman when she wrote her exhibition catalog, and am  quite familiar with the two archives in our library which pertain to VSL.  Unfortunately, we do not have any sales records, nor orders, nor production records for Val St. Lambert, and our archival materials relate almost entirely to VSL tableware.  I did read Falisse's section on Belgian furniture in India, but there were not as many details as I might have hoped.

With the British firms, it is easier to track what they made and exported, using patents, design drawings, and glass trade journal references.  At least our library does not have comparable resources for Belgium.  I have even tried doing internet research, without much success.

 I will attach three bibliographies related to glass furniture and furniture in India. (If you would be interested in the one on Osler, to see if you could draw parallels and suggestions for research, let me know.)

You are still quite welcome to come use our library.  We are open Monday-Saturday from 9-5.  Please let me know if you decide to come, and when, so that we can put your visit on our calendar.  Also, I am happy to continue to correspond with you, and answer any additional questions.


Gail Bardhan, Reference and Research Librarian,

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