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Our materials on Erickson glass do not include an illustration of a green pitcher, but I did find a turquoise pitcher exactly like the photo that you sent, which  Erickson made for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a reproduction of an early 19th century pitcher made in Saratoga, NY.   You are probably aware that the current catalogs from the Met include reproductions of pieces in their collection, but we do not have any way in our library to find what their shops might have been selling in the mid 1950s. Such a pitcher would not have been placed, most likely, in their permanent collection.  Our museum has what is a similar pitcher in a blue-green color, made ca. 1956-1957, with a slightly different handle and rim (our accession number 58.4.5)  The Museum of Modern Art (NYC) chose two items by Erickson for their Good Design Exhibition, and Erickson also made glass for the Smithsonian Institution and the Old Sturbridge Village Museum, probably also for their gift shops.  Does your pitcher have a label, or a mark on the bottom to indicate its provenance (who made it, or who sold it?)

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