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With the help of the website for the firm Replacements Ltd., I have determined that your dinnerware was made by MacBeth-Evans, which merged with Corning Glass Works in 1936, but continued to make various products into the 1960s, at least.  Your dinnerware is in the Cremax line, referred to by Replacements as "Petalware-Cremax-Beige-Pastel Decoration".  They date its production from 1930-1940.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything more about the pattern, although on the Internet, through Ebay and other sites, you can find additional examples of various pieces in the pattern.  I have contacted a friend who works at Replacements, and if he has any additional suggestions, I will let you know.  Regarding the question about using the dishwasher for it, I would bear in mind that a dishwasher can be quite corrosive, and will permanently "scar" or leave marks on glassware.  Your dinnerware was made before the advent of dishwashers, and you may wish to wash it by hand.


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