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According to Audrey Whitty, our Curator of European Glass, the Warrior Vase with Stand is made of 'snowflake' glass (and gold ruby glass). She mentioned that this type of glass is sometimes referred to as camphor glass, and pointed out this buckle as another example of a piece that uses snowflake/camphor glass. According to an article on our website, "Eight Sledgehammers on Glass: The 'Warrior' Vase in The Corning Museum of Glass" (by Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk), the glass is "colourless glass, speckled with white 'snowflake' glass." I recommend reading the full article for more information on the vase, if you are interested!

Merriam-Webster defines camphor glass as: "glass with a cloudy white appearance resembling gum camphor." This definition is supported by this explanation: "Camphor glass is clear glass that has been treated with hydrofluoric acid vapors to give it a frosted whitish appearance. This effect resembles gum camphor, hence the name. Camphor glass was used throughout the decorative arts to make bottles, glass objects, lamp shades and more."

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