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Here are some resources on the Paul Richter Company:

  • A 1920 Richter Co. catalog is part of our collection. If you are able to visit the Library you are welcome to view the catalog; otherwise, we may be able to scan pages and email them to you.
  • The record for Catalog 77: [rich cut American glass section] (Chicago: Rogers, Thurman & Co., n.d.)
    in our collection also includes the following information: "Probably items cut from Libbey blanks by the Paul Richter Company, which existed between 1914-1940 and produced the Maywood and Floral patterns."
  • Volume 24 of The Pottery & Glass Salesman contains a number of ads from the company, as well as some information about the company's sales and inventory. (Link to volume in Google Books, where it can be downloaded.)
  • Figure 7 in "Bells," by Jonni & Vernon Jones, published in The Hobstar in 1985 and currently available on the ACGA website, is a Richter Co. piece.
  • There is a brief profile of Paul Richter, Inc., in Volume 93 of Crockery and Glass Journal. (Link to volume in Google Books, where it can be downloaded.)

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a great deal of information specifically on this company. I might suggest contacting the American Cut Glass Association ( to see if they could help you find more information. You might also contact the Maywood Historical Society (the most recent contact information I could find was from 2015; phone: 708-345-5816) or the Maywood Public Library District (, which maintains a local history collection.

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