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I looked through our materials on Japanese glass companies, and have not found any references to the Hokuyo Glass Co. I also did a search online, and found a few references.

  • This site mentions that Hokuyo Glass Co. manufactured glass floats, and that "Supposedly, this company stopped making floats in the late 70's although they are still found."
  • This site implies that the company is still open, and "Their plant is designated for making “Tsugaru Vidro (Tsugaru Region glassware)” that is a traditional craft in Aomori, Japan. Tsugaru Vidro is very attractive glassware that is made by a unique use of local fine skills." They also provide contact information for the company.
  • This site has photographs of the Hokuyo Glass Manufacturing Company's Blown Glass Factory, Aomori, Japan.

I can't speak to the accuracy of these references, but I hope they lead you to more information!

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  1. Hokuyo Glass Co. Ltd. is part of the
    Ishizuka Glass Group.
    Also known as the Aomori Blown Glass Factory.
    Hokuyo is their one hand-blown company. Still in production.

    4-29-13, Tomita, Aomori-shi,
    Aomori, 038-0001 Japan
    Phone: +81-17-82-5183
    by Karen Brooks on Jan 08, 2015.