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Franz Grosz was an artist who worked in a variety of media, including glass. He did not work for a glass firm, but purchased blanks, and sold them through his own firm, and through his agent Mary Ryan. A brief look at the books on Tiffin glass, who supplied his blanks, was not productive. Searching the Internet, especially Ebay, will yield some additional examples of his work. Dates of the firm have not been determined. The Rakow Library has the 1951 Red Book, issued by the periodical China, Glass and Decorative Accessories, which includes a listing for the firm in Elmhurst, NY, owned by Joseph F. Grosz and Robert Bodkin: “decorators of glass for giftware and decorative architectural purposes.” The next directory the Rakow Library has is from 1955, which does not list the firm.

We do have a few resources in the Library's collection on Grosz and Groszart Glass Company:

  • “An Explanatory Note on Groszart.” Tiffin Glassmasters 9.3 (Fall 1994): 12-13. (Notes: Sand-carved pieces by Franz Grosz, with an unidentified ad “Groszart carved glass by Franz Grosz” as carried by Mary Ryan.  This ad did appear in China and Glass, Aug. 1945. Location: Periodicals NK5112.9.T5.T56g
  • Brothers, J. Stanley. [Collection of papers on glass decorating firms] Folder: Groszart Ads and articles from 1944-1946, from China and Glass; Gift and Art Buyer. Location: Microfiche F-13,568
  • Groszart Glass Co. Corona, LI, NY, USA. Groszart Carved Glass by Franz Grosz: Carved Glass as Shown by Mary Ryan. Corona, L.I. Mary Ryan 1946. Notes: Filmed with letter of transmittal 10-17-46. -- Mary Ryan was a sales agent for Grosz's work. -- J. Stanley Brothers states that the blanks for Grosz's work were supplied by U.S. Glass. Location: Microforms F-13972T
  • Groszart Glass Company, Corona, N.Y., USA. Groszart: Original Creations in Fine Glass. Chicago: Mary Ryan, [1951?]. Notes: Trade catalog. Spiral bound. Decorative carved glass: bowls, vases, plates, centerpieces, plaques, trays, cigarette box, picture frames, decanter, ash trays, and more. Some in color, all signed by Franz Grosz. Location: Microform / Trade Catalogs, Tableware: Groszart Glass Company, Corona, NY, USA (F-2185T)
  • Who Was Who in American Art. Falk, 1999. Volume 2, p. 1390.

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