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There are numerous websites, books and articles about creating a "rusty" patina to the metals, including steel. I attached a list of books and articles that address the topic (although many on our list relate to finishing stained glass). Search the internet for "rust patina on steel" or "patina steel" or "rust steel" for a variety of tutorials and instructions. There are also commercial patinas you can purchase at craft or art stores.

For example:

(and many more)

I checked Alex Bernstein's website and an article he wrote for the Glass Art Society Journal in 2009 (pp. 107-108). He offers information about his casting and carving glass techniques on his website. But he includes just this mention of his metal work in the GAS article: "I also found one of my 'signature' techniques of fusing hot steel to the surface of the glass, often rusting the steel. I use this technique to suggest that the glass has a history and to help the opacity and translucency. I continue to use fused steel on many of my sculptures." 

I did not find reliable information about powder coating glass in our collection. I suggest you contact The Society for Glass and Ceramic Decorating for up-to-date resources. They have a question/answer section (you must register to use it) that can be helpful: 

Electroplating is another means of depositing metal on glass. Please let me know if you would like information about this process.

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