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I've spoken with Bill Gudenrath, Resident Advisor at The Studio, regarding your reticello question and here is his response:

To my knowledge, late 17-early 18th century Venetian reticello glass objects always have bubbles trapped at the intersections where four canes cross. The bubbles are nearly always square, rectangular with pointed corners-rather pillow-shaped usually. 

Some contemporary glass makers prefer that the bubbles be spherical: Dante Marioni, for example.

Reticello can, with extra effort, be made bubble-free: this involves extra reheating and marvering to make both surfaces of the two elements perfectly smooth before fusing them together. ​

Additionally, Bill Gudenrath has a website on The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking, which features high-quality images and videos on 35 techniques. The video embedded below shows Bill at work making a reticello platter.

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