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Unfortunately we can’t find a single reference or picture of Belmont’s Number 93 in any of the 19th century trade publications or catalogs.   One of the library’s best sources of archival information is the Stanley Bros. Collection which has information for Belmont Glass Works and Elson Glass, which became the West Virginia Glass Co. in 1893.  The archives contain drawings of various patterns for the above companies however there are none for Number 93.  I also checked Ebay, Pinterest, as well as other online sources with no luck.

The links below might help with any future questions.

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Glass Lovers Glass Database is a wonderful website with brief histories of glass manufacturers in the U.S.  You will find information on the Belmont Glass Works and Elson Glass which took over production of Number 93 in 1890.

This is a helpful website with information divided by state and links to museum collections.  A check of the museums in Ohio did not yield any results for your query.

This is another source for glass manufacturers and their patterns.

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