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Thank you for contacting the Rakow Library with your question about Libbey Cut Glass. Found a wonderful image on the internet which is attached here.

I checked the Libbey catalogs from early 20th century in our collection and did not find an image of a cigar jar in Neola pattern. The 1905 catalogs do have a no. 463 cigar jar in Empress and Corinthian patterns and also images of the Neola pattern.  The shape and the Neola pattern in the catalogs match that of the internet image, so I believe it should be an accurate source for your picture request. The glass company catalogs do not always have an image of each item in each pattern.

I hope the attached images satisfy your request. Let me know if anything else is needed. We invite you to visit our Library and Museum. We have exceptional collections and resources.

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Thank you. Unfortunately the image you found on the internet is why I asked the question. I'm wondering whether or not the rim on that piece has been cut down. Most humidors have that flat rim shown in the other pictures. I know the man selling the Neola piece and he is an honest and knowledgeable dealer. He thinks the rim is original but I'm unsure. I was hoping your library might contain an image of the exact piece. I have the Libbey catalogue you looked at but thought you might have other catalogues or resources. Thanks again for your time and trouble.