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I checked in Mary Jean Madigan's comprehensive collector's guide, Steuben Glass: An American Tradition in Crystal  to see if any of the stock pieces of  fruit/vegetable ornamentals had the same designer.  A number of them were done by Angus McDougal who was only briefly a designer for Steuben during the year 1940.  He did a banana, pepper, pear, apple, grapes, and fig.  The majority of other fruit and vegetables were designed by Jeanne Leach, about whom I don't have much information.  There is a picture of her in the Madigan book (just her back) at a design table and it is dated 1949.  Do you think your piece was made in the 1960s?  You could check the Madigan book for the designers working at this time, if so.  You may also want to talk to an expert in Steuben (see the appraisers listed below).  In addition to appraisers, the Carder Steuben Club also recently began covering the collecting of clear Steuben glass, so contacting that club may be of use as well.  Their website is at

Other Appraisers of Steuben

Carder Steuben Glass Shop LLC (formerly Rockwell Co.)
42 W. Market St, Corning NY 14830
Thomas Dimitroff
141 E First St, Corning NY 14830
Reyne Haines
17 East 8th Street, 3rd Floor, Cincinnati. OH 45202

Auction Houses

Christie, Manson & Woods
502 Park Ave. New York, NY 10022
tel: 212-702-2669
1334 York Ave. New York, NY 10021


American Society of Appraisers
PO Box 17265, Washington, DC 20071
1-800-ASA-VALU or 478-2228
Appraisers Association of America
Executive Offices
386 Park Ave.South, Suite 2000, New York, NY 10016-8804
International Society of Appraisers
230 E Ohio St. Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60611
312-224-2567; Fax 312-644-8557
Let me know if I can provide additional assistance.