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I have consulted our holdings and was able to find one article on the artist.   Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Pat Martin Bates: Balancing on a Thread, by Patricia Bovey, Frontenac House, Calgary, Alta., 192 pages, $50. 

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  1. Kerry was/is my second cousin. Email me with a contact number, will gladly fill in the blanks......
    by Les Broughton on Aug 21, 2016.
  2. Hi, you are fortunate you found me, my name is Troy. Kerry was married to my aunt Diane, my mothers sister for almost 40 years until the day he died. I also received a phone call from my aunt Diane in Portugal on the day he died. In the 80's Kerry use to have a shop in China Town on View Street in Victoria BC, a three story building. I use to go there to play and watch Kerry do his craft , his art. He was a true humanitarian and brought peace, joy and well being threw his work and just his nature. His wife Diane Kerry, my auntie returned back to Canada after his death to take care of what ever affairs they had and now she has returned back to Portugal. I have several pieces of his art work that have been given to me since I was a teenager. I loved him very much and he will always be in my heart. I was also was at his wedding when he married my aunt. I know so much please contact me. Lets make him live on.
    by Troy Jackson on Dec 24, 2017.