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The original design drawings are still owned by the New York Public Library.  They are with the prints department, which you can contact via e-mail at:

You can get the full-text of the original catalog on our website at We don't own the glass objects or the design drawings for this series, although we do have photographs of the objects and the drawings. I'm happy to send digital copies if you'd like. 

I know the Annenberg Foundation Trust has a full set of these at Sunnylands which they are planning to exhibit in the near future, so you may be interested in contacting them:

I have not been able to find the date of the exhibition but I will keep looking. However, it may be that finidng it through the venue of the exhibition itself in Ceylon would be more expedient.

We have photographs of all drawings here, as well as some photos of rejected drawings and photos of objects.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!



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  1. From June 25, 1957, to June 10, 1958, the exhibition toured the home countries of the participating artists under the auspices of the USIS, opening in Seoul and ending in Cairo, with Colombo in-between.
    by Lin Lougheed on Jul 15, 2015.