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Thank you for contacting the Rakow Library. I have searched our literature and did not find a specific answer to your question about adhesives for repairing micro mosaic jewelry. There are several types of adhesives and glues used for mosaics, including craft glue, wellbond and others. I might suggest you contact one of the Mosaic societies for their recommendation or even a supplier. They would have the most practical advice.

Society of American Mosaic Artists:

British Association for Modern Mosaic:

Mosaic Matters.  “The online magazine for all things mosaic. Includes a glossary of mosaic terms, notice board for questions about mosaics, pages of hints and tips.

Suppliers include:

One article about modern Italian micro mosaics had an interesting comment: "The adhesive was always the secret, made from a mixture of linseed oil, marble dust, time and maybe...a bit of wine!"





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