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I forwarded your query to Astrid Van Giffen, Assistant Conservator at The Corning Museum of Glass<>.  I hope she will have some insight for you.

It is a difficult question and there have been problems with public art made of glass in outside settings.

Try the following associations for additional information:

Glass Association of North America:
contact the GANA office at 785-271-0208 or e-mail

National Glass Assoc:  “From information and education to promoting safety and ethics in the flat glass and glass-related industries in the Americas, NGA has the resources to make your business a success…”


I hope you can find someone who is familiar with glass that is used in outdoors settings who would be willing to consult with you. Or, they may point you to technical literature that is relevant to your question.

Don't hesitate to come back to me with questions.

With best wishes,


I heard from our conservator – she is not encouraging, but she does have some guidelines:

“We strongly recommend against putting any type of glass outside, especially in extreme weather. Some of the risks include moisture ingress, freeze/thaw cycles, and wind just to name a few. Sun exposure can cause problems if it heats up one part of the glass but not another. Even the mounts will likely cause damage due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. Solid pieces of glass will likely fair slightly better than hollow ones which would trap moisture. Drilling into the glass for mounts is not a good idea as it would provide another area to trap moisture.

Basically you would want to have solid glass with no areas where water or moisture could be trapped on or near it and mounts with some flexibility to limit damage from inevitable movement (from wind, human contact, expansion/contraction, etc.). And even then the glass will likely be damaged in a very short amount of time.

Glass really does not hold up well outdoors.


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