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Our Rights & Reproductions Manager, Jill Thomas-Clark, has been looking into this. She will get back to you directly. Her email is, if you need to contact her in the meantime.

Hi, David:  I'm sorry to take so long getting back to you regarding the Maurice Marinot film.  Our Rights & Reproductions manager moved into a new role in the Museum and now we have a group of people who divide responsibility for copyright questions.  i don't know if our former R&R manager got back to you before she started her new position, but just in case I wanted to pass along what I now know about this film. 

The short answer from is that we do not have the legal right to make the film available online.  Apparently, the film is under French copyright until 2029.  You would need to get in contact with the Office of French Cultural Services, 972  5th Avenue, NY 10021.  Muriel Guidoni-Deregnaucourt is the head of the film department (  She would then have to get in touch with the descendants of producer Jean Benoit-Levy.  In 2000, his nieces (Mme Françoise Dargols and Mme Genevieve Vigouroux ( charged us 67,000 francs [do not know the equivalent in Euros]for permission to use that 20-minute film in our galleries.  You would have to pay their current fees and they would have to give you  permission to use our copy of the film. 

Another avenue is to approach the  museum in Marinot's hometown, which in the last several years showed the film at their exhibition on Marinot, "Marinot, penser en verre" at the Musee d’Art Moderne de Troyes, July 9-October
31, 2010.  Perhaps they negotiated rights to show/share the film when they included it in their exhibition.

If you have any more detailed questions regarding copyright for this film, you can contact the group directly. 

You also inquired about the title? We have that listed as "Les artistes artisans : un grand verrier: Maurice Marinot"


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