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I found some basic information about Metalloids at this website: 

"Metalloids are the elements found along the stair-step line that distinguishes metals from non-metals. This line is drawn from between Boron and Aluminum to the border between Polonium and Astatine. The only exception to this is Aluminum, which is classified under "Other Metals". Metalloids have properties of both metals and non-metals. Some of the metalloids, such as silicon and germanium, are semi-conductors. This means that they can carry an electrical charge under special conditions. This property makes metalloids useful in computers and calculators."

The Metalloids are:

Yes, many of these metalloids are common components of glass batch.

I am sending a chapter from a book entitled Glasses that provides information about batch materials including silica, boron, and more.  Borax Consolidated, ltd. Glasses. London: [the author, 1965]. (A "20 mule team" publication)

The "Metalloid" Wikipedia article includes a section on "Glass Formation" that contains additional information: The article also includes notes, references, and a bibliography that may be useful.

I added a bibliography of books relating to the chemistry of glass. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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