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I can't find what happened with this company, although I have written to the Fort Smith, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce to see if they have information on the company and why/when it ceased operation.  The parent corporation was Merry-Go-Round Mercantile and they are definitely not incorporated any longer.

One of the original founders of Merry-Go-Round Glass is Rebecca Hunt, a stained glass artist who currently lives in California.  Her website has contact information, if you'd like to write to her and see if she knows any further information about the closing of the company (

If I hear back from the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Smith, I will write to you and let you know what they said. 


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  1. MGR went out of busines in the mid 80's. I worked for one of the owners brother @ MGR in Houston. The company declare bankrupatcy and close down shipping and producing almost over night. There is still.a lot of the glass around but majority of it was sold and shipped to mexico.
    by Bob Webb, on Jan 15, 2019.

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