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Thank you for contacting us with your question regarding Coralene beads.  While we have a number of sources which show examples of Coralene I have been unable to locate a source that specifically describes the process of making the bead.

A patent for the Coralene decorating process was first issued to Arthur Schierholz of Plausen, Thuringia, in the German Empire, on July 7, 1883.  Many patents registered abroad at that time were short lived, and this was true of Schierholz's patent for Coralene decorations. As early as 1886 several wholesalers of Bohemian glass were offering "Coral Beaded," "Coralene Beaded," and "Lustra," decorated fancy wares in the trade journals.

Companies making coralene included: Mt. Washington Glass Co. (1880s), New England Glass Co. (according to Shotwell), Phoenix Glass Co. (1880s) and others.

Coralene decoration was not limited to buttons. In 1915 postcards, originating in Germany, were also beaded. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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