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Warren Bunn, the Museums Collections and Exhibitions Manager, answered the question directly:

A lot would depend on the size of the panel and its condition (ie. if paint is flaking or is stabile? Is it framed or unframed? Large or small?).

If it was small we would most likely pack it lying flat with the painted side up. This is especially important if the paint layers are unstable. We would also recommend wrapping it in glassine or some protective layer that would capture any pigments that may come off during transit.

If larger, framed and/or stabile, we would recommend packing it to travel upright as this will put the least amount of stress on the actual glass panel (larger pieces flex when laid flat, which will then stress the pigment layers).

We make all shipping and packing decisions based on a “case by case” basis, so we would want to see the piece and understand its size and condition before recommending one approach over another, but hope this helps in a general way.​

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