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Bristol glass can refer to the deep cobalt blue of glassware made from the 18th century onwards, in areas which include Bristol.  It can also refer to the white opaque enameled pieces popularized in the 18th century in Bristol and other areas of England.  

I can't find a reference to a Victorian era "Bristol glass" that would be different from these earlier terms.  Are you looking for information on the enameled pieces or the cobalt blue pieces. 

Let me know!


Asker Response:

Thank you so much for your response!

I guess this is referred to as Bristol by the collectors on ebay because it is similar to earlier Bristol ware? I know this pair of vases is circa 1890s (it's from an archeological project in Jersey City).

If "Bristol Glass" is a misnomer for this type of ware, please let me know. I appreciate your help.

I had the great pleasure of visiting CMOG for the first time last month to see, specifically, the bead exhibit, and I must say I was blown away by the museum as a whole. World class, as I'm sure you know.


Librarian Response:

Would you be able to send your digital images and a description of your object (including how and where it was found) to our curatorial department through their online form ( They may be able to tell you whether this can be considered Bristol glass.

From what I read, I don't think the later date would make it something other than Bristol glass. I just couldn't find any exclusively Victorian use of the term Bristol.  In other words, I believe the cobalt blue and the enameled pieces continued to be referred to as Bristol glass into the 19th century.

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