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I asked a few scientists about your question; their responses are below.

“If they are colored it is likely a combo of fluorescence that then gets partially absorbed by the colorants.  I have never seen Mn fluoresce green (but might be possible) and I have no experience with Se or Cd.”

"This is a particularly esoteric area of study, and I don’t have any links or ideas on where they might go."

I have attached our bibliographies on black light/fluorescence, costume jewelry, and rhinestones. If you find a book or article you'd like to borrow, please contact your local library. The Rakow Research Library is a member of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Your library can contact us through OCLC or they may send an Interlibrary Loan form to us by e-mail. We send copies of articles and will also loan certain books if a second copy is available in the library collection. Books are loaned for a four week period. For further information, please see our web page:

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