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Hello! Thank you for your question! In the Rakow Library collection we do have the following reprint of a Vidrio Products trade catalog published by the West Virginia Museum of Glass: Vidrio Products Corporation, 1926-1953.

You might also be interested in the following article that discusses a Vidrio product from the 1930s:

Stoetzer, Harold. “Bon-Her Black Glass Razor Blade Sharpener.” All About Glass 2, no. 4 (Jan. 2005): 26-27.

You can place an Interlibrary Loan request for these items through your local library. To read more about our Interlibrary Loan policy, go to

The December 10, 1931, issue of newspaper Oakland Tribune, includes an advertisement for Vidrio electric clocks, which you can view with a subscription to "A Cadillac Electric Timepiece for the home. Guaranteed for one year. Cases of various colored, plain and clouded VIDRIO product. A real bargain price for this week-end only. $1.85."


These results from an online search might be useful as well:

  • This message board includes messages from a few researchers interested in the company (and their contact information).
  • This glass clock is one of several Vidrio items listed on collectors websites with information about the company.

Additionally, you might want to check in some of the housewares journals being published at the time the company was in business to locate ads, articles, etc. Suggested titles include Gift and Art Buyer; Giftwares, Toys, and Housewares Magazine; Home Furnishing Review; Home Furnishings Daily; House Furnishing Review; and Retailing. You might also look in popular women's magazines from the period that Vidrio Products was in operation.

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