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Hi, That is a really interesting looking piece.  When I looked at Revi, I saw that Hope Glass Works was a cut-glass establishment which ordered their blanks for cutting from Pairpoint. I confirmed in another book just on glass marks that the Maltese cross was used by Hope Glass Works; however, it did have the name of the company encircling the symbol.  I'm assuming yours doesn't?

There are other companies that used the Maltese cross as a trademark, like Pilkington and L.E. Smith, for example, although Pilkington window glass.  I'm attaching a couple of pages from the book below to show some examples of other trademarks with the cross.

Hartmann, Carolus.  Glasmarken Lexikon, 1600-1945: Signaturen, Fabrik- und Handelsmarken; Europa und Nordamerika.  Stuttgart: Arnoldsche, 1997.

When I looked into L.E. Smith (since they did produce a lot of black glass items) I see what looks like the same window box in a 1930s catalog page reprinted in Dean Six' book The Black Glass Encyclopedia. Of course, the trademark is shown as having Smith inside the cross. It is certainly worth you looking into though!

I have attached some scans showing the trademarks as well as some window boxes from LE SMith. You can also see similar pieces if you search LE Smith and dancing ladies or dancing nymphs on Google.

Let me know if you have any trouble accessing these files or if you have further questions.

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