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We don't appear to have information in our library collection on Tony Evans, possibly because he began his career in pottery. Most of what I found was online and you may have seen it already. In case you haven't, however, I will pass these links along to you  and you can take a look.  He appears to be involved in several design studios:

Evans Atelier

Fusion Z


I didn't include all of the etsy and ebay listings, but there were several of those. As you probably discovered there is a very famous ceramicist who shares the name Tony Evans, so sometimes it is hard to tell which is which until you look at the website. The Tony Evans who created your candlestick is not the same one who specialized in Raku pottery and died in 2009.

I wish I could have found more for you, but Evans seems to focus on the wholesale market---selling to architects and business who want to buy furnishings.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

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  1. Worked for him for years as a road rep...he was a vs ous., and a great guy.....
    by Rene on Oct 12, 2017.