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We do have Dr. Brill's papers for study in our collection, but they are not yet fully processed. I am attaching a list of Dr. Brill's published books and articles. I will email him and ask if there is anything else in his papers which might be of help to you. 

David Whitehouse has an article published in the Journal of Glass Studies from 2002, which may be of interest. 

Whitehouse, David. Title:The Transition from Natron to Plant Ash in the Levant.  Published in:Journal of Glass Studies,
v. 44, 2002, pp. 193-196. 0075-4250 
Notes:Digital version linked to "All about glass" section on CMoG website.

In addition, I copied the parts of Dr. Brill's 3 volume work on Chemical Analysis of Early Glasses that deal with plant ash. You probably have see this already, but just in case...

I will be back in touch once I hear from Dr. Brill. 

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