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Thank you for contacting the Rakow Library with your question.

I did find the Sutnar book on visual design in our collection and copied the image of the tea service. Attached is a copy. We also have the tea set in the Museum collection. The link to that image is below.

Your image is similar to the milk jug with lid. I noticed that your knob is shaped differently than the book image and that from our collection. The dimensions of the teapot with a metal handle in our collection are: Overall H: 15.8 cm, W: 23.4 cm, D: 17.7 cm

the milk jug dimensions are: Overall H: 10.5 cm, W: 20.2 cm, D: 11.2 cm

The Cooper Hewitt Museum does have the Sutnar archives. They might be able to help you determine if there are variations in his tea service detail.

Attached are copies of the images from the Cooper Hewitt library catalog. They are calling your design a milk jug and the teapot has a top metal handle. The dimensions are not included.

I hope the information proves helpful. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,