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      Thank you for the question! Although filigree decorative art has been quite a prevalent form of decorative art throughout history using substances such as metal or gold or silver, history of glass filigree does seem a bit more rare and harder to find agreed.  I have scanned a few things for you from the compiled bibliography that the Library has created on filagree history/technique as well as another resource. A good option to view text/books would be to obtain some of the full books through interlibrary loan. You should be able to request the books at your local library for a loan. Here below are some examples to give you some ideas of what the Rakow Library resources have to offer on Filagree.


What should be attached is :


Bormioli, Gino. “ Il 'vetro filigrana'”
Alte Vitrie    v. 10, no. 1, 1997, pp. 12-13
English summary


Moretti, Emilio.” La lavorazione del vetro a mano: la filigrana/Hand-made Glass: the Filigree.”
Vetro Informazione v. 2, no. 12, Nov./Dec. 1982, pp. 31-33            

Pages 72-73,101, and 120. form the text:
Museo del vetro di Murano (Venice, Italy) Vetri artistici del primo Ottocento : Museo del vetro di  Murano / a cura di Aldo Bova, Attilia Dorigato, Puccio  Migliaccio ; con la collaborazione di Vladimiro Rusca.  1a ed.  Venezia : Regione del Veneto : Marsilio, 2006.    165 p.    Filigrana: p.  50-98, 148-155
Location:          Stacks                           NK5152 .M985

Pages 48-49,5-51, and 64-65. from the text:


Tait, Hugh.  The golden age of Venetian glass.  London: British Museum, 1979.

Although primarily a historical review, the sections (which include enameling, gold and sandwich technique, cristallo, vetri a fili, vetri a retorti, vetri a reticello, colored thread and combing, serpent glasses, ice glass, moulded  (molded) glass, millefori, chalcedony, opa, lattimo and imitation porcelain, painting on glass, and diamond-engraving do provide brief information on techniques.

Vetri a fili, vetri a retorti, vetri a reticello: pages 49-50, 64-133.
<Stacks NK5152.T13>

I also have scanned and attached all the pages that relate to filigree glass,90,101, 124-5, and 159 from

  • Patrick McCray (1999). Glassmaking in Venice. The Fragile Craft. 


It was very convenient of the Mccray text index to list all the pages that mention filigree. Other texts may not have this feature. Although if I can find any other indexes that list a  number of select pages that deal with filigree I should be able to scan and attach them. If there are any other articles or papers you can discover they should be available to be scanned and emailed to you.

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