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Thank you for contacting the Rakow Library with your question about Bloomingdale Flint Glass. There is not much written about them as you know. Attached is the information I found in some of our references. Below are links to other articles and examples. The Corning Museum of Glass does have 2 pieces attributed to Bloomingdale, which look similar to those shown in the NY Sun 1933 article. The Winterthur Museum also has 2 decanters identified with the Glass Works.

2 in CMoG collection

2 decanters in Winterthur Museum. You can search for them at this link.

Also you might have found an interesting archeological study done at the NYC site of the glass works during an internet search. They did an historical analysis prior to a highway reconstruction in 1991. I thought the analysis was worthwhile. Link below.

Art and the Empire City: New York from the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an excellent source as you already know. Their coverage seems to be the most comprehensive.

And about appraisals…As a museum we are not able to provide values. Attached is a document with appraisers for cut glass. Included are the national associations which have search engines for locating appraisers in your region. They would be best able to provide values. How wonderful that you have both the painting and the bowl. They are spectacular.

Another good resource is the American Cut Glass Association for collectors. They are at The collectors are quite knowledgeable.

I hope the information is helpful. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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