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It's good to hear from you! Today is the anniversary of the flood - June 23, 1972.

I searched the website and found this Flickr grouping of 164 photos includes quite a few views of glass and cases immediately after the flood:

One favorite is on the 2nd page: Objects in gallery case rearranged by floodwaters, The Corning Museum of Glass (CMGL 127110)

Here is one photo of a muddy, water-logged chandelier, together with a photo in pristine shape:

This is a slightly different Flickr grouping:

The video on this page is wonderful: - there are a lot of photos of glass and cases about 4 minutes in. Or use this link:   It uses many of the images found in the Flickr group.

You can download our publication, The Corning Flood: Museum Under Water to see lots of images and the full story of the museum and library's recovery: but the images tend to be small and black & white.

There is a little information here:

Another video - more stories:

This one has some press images:

If you want publishable quality images, please contact our Rights and Reproductions team:   in the search box (upper right corner of the screen) to find them. 

They have a request form:

If you are interested in the oral histories used to compile the first flood video, type "Stories from The Flood of '72" in the search box (upper right corner of the screen) to find them. 

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

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