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I've scanned some newspaper ads and trade catalogs we have on this company, which looked to be in existence from 1944-1947 or 1948, so not terribly long, which may explain the limited number of this type of glass you have seen. We cannot provide value information, as a non-profit, educational institution. You might also check one of the large auction sites, such as iCollector or Invaluable, in addition to eBay which is a great place to check market prices. You can also check with an appraiser. I'd be happy to send you some sites that provide directories of appraisers if you want to go that route. It looks from the photo you sent that your set is Amethyst although the color is not clear. That color was available in 1944, according to the company's literature and is still listed on some flyers through 1946-7. See the attached pdfs for information on the Beacon lines of glass.