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         Thank You for the information! I have scanned some trademark signature information from glass companies that signed with the letter K.  Here below is a hyperlink to the Rakow catalog search results for Holophane glass:*&limitTo=none&recCount=50&searchType=1&


Here below is the article index results for Holophane glass:*&limitTo=none&recCount=50&searchType=1&


Just looking at the records I see a number of different companies that produced holophane glass such as : holophane glass company New York, and Newark Ohio,Moe-Bridges Company Milwaukee Ohio, General Electric Company Schenectady NY, J.B Clt and Co.NY, NY and many others just go through the list.

Westinghouse street lighting equipment made a glass globe, although I am not sure if it is the one that you are looking for they are among the catalog search results.

so did this company: 

  • Eclairage moderne : réflecteurs, vissolux vix-argent; diffuseus, vix-watt, helios.
  • Publisher:Lyon : , 1928
  • they made a Vix-Watt" opaque crystalline globe or the Holophane with its clear prismatic glass

not sure if its what you are looking for but it is in the search results listed above.



You could narrow down things by looking into companies that produced Holophane glass globes during the year 1907 Vs. those that did not. Although, it might be hard to come to a distinctive company without a clear trademark, company signature or very unique design...


You could try sending a picture of the globe to the curatorial staff here and see if they recognize although this one may be a tough one for them, might be worth a try(just please fill out the form at the link below):


Please let me know if your are interested in any of the catalog results materials as some are available for interlibrary loan.

 I am sorry for the lack of distinct information.


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