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 Thank you for the question.  I looked into your question using the Pyrex by Corning A collectors Guide by Susan Tobier Rogove and Marcia Buan Steinhauer and found the following information.  "There were only two teapots produced in the flameware category. Item 7125 is known as the 2 1/2 quart tea kettle debuted first in 1938. Item 8126 is known as the 6 cup teapot. Due to World War II both items were temporarily unavailable through the mid 1940's. The teapot (8126) returned after World War II but not the utility tea kettle. The model 7125 is considered very rare and hard to find. I have not found any information about variation in the glass tint of the handle. The other Pyrex flameware teapot item 8126 changed item numbers, handle contour and overall design several times, but not 7125 that I cannot find. It must be that the item 7125 was not around for a long enough time in order to have much variety in its design.


There is an item 7125 in the museum collection browser here with a a blue tint body but clear handle. Have you seen?


It seems that this is the only design. I will let you know if I find anything else about variation in the handle tint.


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