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We will use digitized Gillinder & Sons trade catalogs as an example search, but these steps will work with slight modifications for any items available digitally.
From our Search the Library page (, do the following:
1. Click The Rakow Library Catalog link.
2. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
3. In the top search box, enter "Gillinder & Sons" (no quotation marks).
4. From the drop-down menu to the right of the search box, select "as a phrase."
5. In the second search box, enter "catalogs."
6. In the pull-down menu for "Format," select "Digital Version."
7. Click "Search."
In this case, one record for the following is returned: Gillinder and Sons, Glassware. Philadelphia: Gillinder & Sons, [n.d., 1881-1889], and if you scroll down, you will find a link to the digitized catalog. Had there been multiple Gillinder and Sons catalogs available digitally, a list of items would have been returned, and you could select individual records from that list.
If you are interested in locating digital items on any topic, from the "Advanced" search tab in the catalog, enter appropriate keyword(s) in the search box(es) and select the Format "Digital Version" from the drop-down menu.
If the Rakow holds an item that has not been digitized, we may be able to make it, or at least parts of it, available to you. Contact us by phone, email, or via "Ask a Glass Question" ( for assistance.