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 Thank you for the question! The story of the discovered weight is quite ubiquitous; however the current location is not as much so. I did find information in an article from the periodical American Flint that the weight was indeed in the Baccarat museum in Paris in 1995 (it was at this time that is was loaned from the Baccarat Museum to the U.S for a short time). I am assuming that it is back in the Paris Baccarat Museum currently... I have scanned and attached the article from the 1995 American Flint July Issue it the second attachment.

It appears that after the discovery of the church weight in 1953 there was short revival at Baccarat in the production of sulphide mIlliflori paperweights.  The first scan has a close up of the 1853 millifiori weight,

Yes, the story is the weight was made by Martin Kayser, and placed in the cornerstone of the Church in Baccarat France. The church was bombed in 1944 and the paperweight was still intact as the church was being restored. This story is in many of the Baccarat resources here but the name of the church and the location of the original weight is not. Although, I think that it quite clear now that the original weight is indeed part of the Baccarat museum collection in France. The weight does not currently appear to be on display.




I imagine that you have seen this discussion:


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