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              Thank you for the question! while different types of glass have different resistance to stress and thermal expansion, they do not really have the ability to heal or repair themselves on their own. Pyrex is borosilicate glass and has added boric oxide in order to prevent thermal expansion and cracking at high temperatures--but once a crack is formed in Pyrex it will not be able to heal itself in the manner of which your are interested I do not think.

There are the addition of polymers and substances which can be added to glass and other materials in order to give it some "Self Repair" properties. I have downloaded some PDF's from JSTOR that discuss self healing and materials science and can send via another platform as they are too large to send through the lib answers platform.

Here are some links to some PDFS online of some scholarly research on the subject of self healing in man made materials:

Biomimetic self-healing of advanced composite structures using hollow glass fibres


Here is another link:


Bioinspired self-healing of advanced composite structures using hollow glass fibres


Apparently there are some new technology for smart phones screens that can help glass repair itself by using this modern research on the subject:


Corning gorilla glass is what is used for smart phones and other technology devices but while it is considered flexible and highly scratch resistant as it is chemically tempered through ion exchange, although once it is scratched-- I believe it will remain so unless altered by some sort of self healing technology as mentioned in the links above and some of the PDF's I will send you.

here at the link below you can find information on gorilla glass:



In my non expert opinion it seems the self healing technologies include the potential for the materials (Glass in this case) to release a resin or liquid contained in the fiber that will then fill the crack with the adhesive polymer or similar substance to make the glass look as if it had not been cracked at all. Again, this is my non expert opinion of a staff working in the library here looking at resources and online.


I will be in touch with three more PDF's soon. Attached are bibliographies of resources on the Chemistry and properties of Glass.