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Great question! You have a couple of options in our new Library Catalog to create a list of relevant items. On the right side of each search result, you should see an icon that looks like a pushpin/thumbtack. When you click this icon, you "pin" that item to your list of favorites. (When an item has been "pinned," the icon changes to a tack with a line through it. To "unpin" an item, just click the tack icon again.)

To view your list of favorites, you can click on the tack icon on the top right of your window. You should see the list of "pinned" items there.

From your favorites, you can select one, several, or all of the items, and either unpin them, print them, or email them to yourself. NOTE: If you are not logged in to the catalog, you will not be able to save your list, so be sure to print or email the ones you would like to keep.

If you have a user account (usually only Museum staff and Fellows) and you are logged in, you also have the option to select items, save them, and add a label or labels to them to assist with organization of your favorites.

If you have problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the future.

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