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Glass Fiber Strength

The Museum's chief scientist offered the following explanation about the strength of glass fibers:

When you drop a glass tumbler, mirror, or window pane, it is likely to break because as it falls it picks up speed, and the speed combines with the weight of the object to create a lot of force that is able to smash the glass itself.  A tiny glass fiber weighs almost nothing, and when dropped falls more like a feather or piece of thread; it has very little energy when it hits the ground.  It is no more strong or weak than the other glass.  But glass IS stronger than plastic.  So when the fiberglass threads or fabric are coated with plastic and made into stuff like boat hulls and car bumpers, they add their strength through the plastic, making the plastic act like it's stronger.

Online Resources on Glass Fiber Manufacturing

  • As for the manufacturing process, an informative article on the CompositesWorld (CW) website describes the making of glass fiber, step by step.
  • There is another informative article on fiberglass on the How Products Are Made website.
  • Several videos on YouTube feature aspects of the production process and describe various types of fiberglass and their applications.

Further Reading

​Further Research

You might contact Scholes Library at Alfred University for more information about glass fiber manufacturing.


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