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Thank you for your inquiry. I was able to find some information that should be very interesting to you.

There is an article called "Handy Fire Grenades" from the June 1973 Spinning Wheel antiques magazine. Below is the part of the article that seems to best pertain to the object you have.

"The automatic fire extinguisher was a type popular around the turn of the century. The Shur-Stop automatic grenade pictures is a hand-blown glass bulb enclosed in a wire rack to be hung on the wall. These were painted in various colors; this one is a brilliant red. The metal tag on the rack reads, 'For Fires Shur-Stop works automatically at 130 degrees F.' The idea was that the low-melting solder which held one of the wires in place about the bulb would melt at 130 degrees. The wire would then swing out and the bulb of chemical extinguisher would drop on the fire. The whole rather ingenious setup was produced by the International Fire Equipment Corporation of New York City."

Now I cannot tell you that that is the exact object that you have, but that was the closest type I was able to find. It is possible yours was put into thicker irons for preservation purposes due to the now known negative impact of the chemicals inside.

These public web pages will show some additional images:

If you would like any additional information on fire grenades, please let me know.