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From Dr. Robert Brill, Research Scientist Emeritus:

A similar question arises often in connection with the long-term storage of wine in antique decanters (or modern ones, for that matter) that are made of high-lead glass.  Normally, there should not be a problem, because the corrosive action is a slow process.  Over a matter of several months, however, particularly with a glass of especially poor chemical durability, there could be some significant dissolution of lead into the wine.  If one were storing vinegar, which would be more acidic, then the problem could be more significant. 

It is generally best not to store wine in decanters for extended periods of time.  That is the safest answer.  Given the stringent government restrictions on allowable levels of lead, most glass manufacturers in the U.S. have simply avoided the problem by not using lead glasses for any sorts of containers. 

You can explore this issue further by consulting the books/articles below or by contacting the Food & Drug Administration:


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